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The Sabbath And Your Future   Leave a comment

Understanding that The Sabbath represents the 1,000 year Millennium and realizing its vital importance not only to true Christians, but to the world as well (despite their lack of understanding of it at this time)…

Do you ever stop to really consider the future in that light?

I think often, we come into the Sabbath and we think about how nice it is to relax and be free of the “daily grind,” the stresses and cares of the world. We focus on going to church, and (hopefully) we pray and bible study, spending extra time with God, etc. All this is well and good for certain, but do we spend much time thinking about the future on this day? After all, this Day is to remind us of that.

What will it be like? What will you and I be doing? What a huge and profound responsibility we will have at that time (and are training for right now)! What will it be like to be responsible for an entire population of a city, or cities? What will a city then even be like? (Certainly not what we picture today)
There is so much to think about, and of course, a lot of that, maybe most, is speculation, but how often do we consider it?

If I told you next year, I was going to give you one hundred million dollars, how much time would you spend considering that?

We have such an immense and awesome responsibility coming. Yes, it’s much harder to think about something we know so little about, but we do know it will be bigger than anything in our lives now. Bigger than any current position of administration. You…that’s right, you will one day have such a responsibility. To be Kings and Priests. That is our future.

When you really stop and consider it, it’s both sobering…and very exciting. (Of maybe causes you great fear and anxiety, but in either case) This train of thought can help put our daily lives into perspective: What matters vs what doesn’t? What are we here for/to do? What do we need to focus on? How are we training/preparing now for our future position/responsibility? Etc, etc.

So on this Sabbath day, and every Sabbath day, along with the other special Sabbath things you do, make time to ponder your imminent future, that time when this awesome day is fulfilled…awesomely.

Happy Sabbath!


Posted August 16, 2014 by buildupontherock in Food For Thought

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